safari expert- Mr Davis Kitumbo

Safari expert - Mr Davis Kitumbo

Sokwe Africa Safari Ltd

Welcome to Sokwe Africa Safari Ltd. My Official name is Mr Davis Kitumbo born and raised in Arusha Tanzania and I have been always dreaming to join and work in Travel Industry. Due to the fact that I grew up in Arusha City the hub of tourism, then the passion to travel business created its routes a long way from primary school , Whereby we used to have a school study tour where we visited among the best national parks in northern zone.

After succefull graduation from Tourism College, It was my opportunity to fully join the inner circle of the safari industry in Tanzania as Professional Safari Guide. My guiding work to different which enables me to lead hundreds of Tourists to different safari destinations in Tanzania it offered me a captivating lifestyle and extensive safari experience.

During these 12years in working and serving the travel industry to different multinational travel companies, it was fortunate enough to navigate through different travel destinations in Tanzania from Northern Circuit, Southern Circuit and Western Circuits to The Spice Land Of Zanzibar and combining with climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to extend my travel experience in Tanzania.

In quenching my thirsty in travel profession having passion to organize and host tourists to my motherland, I’m honored to be the founder of Sokwe Africa Safari after good 12 years of extensive experience as Professional Safari Guide

Excited Moment Travel Field

I have never get bored to observe the wildebeest migration river crossing during in Mara river’ “The wildebeest migrate around the Serengeti, and into the Maasai Mara for the sole purpose of following the rainfall. For their calving season from December – March they always begin their cycle in the Southern Serengeti area of Ndutu and follow wherever the grass is greener heading to Maasai Mara by August”

Whether you’re planning a luxury Vacation break, an indulgent spa weekend to Tanzania

Sokwe Africa Safari has somewhere special, that will suits you.

Excellent customer service and value for money are at the heart of what we do, conveniently delivered through our dedicated and experienced team of Tour consultant.

Thanks a lot and Karibu Tanzania

Mr Davis Kitumbo

Managing Director