Sokwe Africa Safari


All our safari trips are carefully customized and tailor-made so at some point we’ll need to learn a little bit about you and your ambitions for your trip. This is much easier and simpler than it sounds. Once you have had a quick chat with us, we will be able to efficiently guide you through the various options and help you identify the perfect trip.

A few notes on how the whole process works:

Sokwe Africa Safari knows time and season of the movement  of animals  in the National Parks in Tanzania. Our aim is, quite simply, to help you discover and create the perfect safari trip. We will help you get beyond the mainstream tourist trails, to experience a real safari. You can choose to make it more authentic, more adventurous, more luxurious, better value…whatever you want it to be. When you get in touch with Sokwe Africa Safari you’ll be able to have a relaxed chat with someone with serious first-hand knowledge of the places you want to visit.

From there, we should be able to quickly narrow down the enormous range of options into a more digestible selection of tailor-made sample trips. Since our company is completely independent, we are able to offer you unbiased advice on all the safari lodges and camps in Tanzania. We regularly inspect all these lodges, so that we can help you make properly informed choices when booking your safari. We will make sure you get to the best and most suitable properties, connected in the most efficient and enjoyable fashion.

It usually takes a few rounds of fine-tuning until we have arrived at the best possible solution for you. You can rely on us for a completely open and honest dialogue throughout. There’s no hard sell, just safari people chatting about what we love.

And there is no obligation on your part. You only need to commit to paying a deposit if and when you are completely happy with your safari itinerary. The vast majority of our guests find this process fun and easy, it’s an integral part of the great experience of going on safari.

Inspiration for Tailor made Safaris

  • Explore the untamed wildlife of Tanzania and Kenya on your own private safari.
  • Flexibility
  • Choose your departure date and time
  • Choose your own adventures
  • Build your own African expedition
  • Design your comfort
  • Choose your menu
  • Choose your destinations
  • Combine countries

What is on offer with your tailor – made safari

  • Private and professional local guide experts
  • Exclusive experience
  • Private Safari vehicle
  • Selection of the best accommodation with best views and value for money
  • Local knowledge & Experience

Your dream African safari starts here